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Become a Partner

Why Become a Partner

Sophisticated technologies can be difficult to understand, challenging to implement, and costly to support. Verint offers a working partnership built on excellent service and a clear understanding of the challenges facing you and your customers. Verint partner programs feature a wide array of partner enablement resources specifically geared to these challenges, whether you seek to integrate your complementary products with Verint solutions, incorporate Verint solutions as part of a consulting engagement or system deployment, or add Verint solutions to the portfolio of products you sell.

At Verint, we are dedicated to providing our partners with the solutions and services they need to maintain their competitive edge, produce satisfied customers, and sustain business growth.

Partner Entitlements

Verint Partners are rewarded with the highest value knowledge, support and financial benefits. They learn accessing Verint Learning management system which offers e-Learning, as well as the option of signing up to Instructor-led classroom and virtual classroom courses. Access to Verint’s exclusive sales and technical training program provides grounding not only for Verint’s product offering but enables support geared to your particular job or function.

Our industry-leading support programs are staffed by experts in the deployment and support of Verint solutions and feature live technical support, Web-based resources, and a host of on-site services. Take advantage of our informative demo support or create your own solution presentation by accessing the host of unique and useful tools offered through Verint Online. 

Verint Partners are entitled to financial rewards such as referral fees and software discounts along with many other extensive rewards based on the program you wish to participate in. Join us today!