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The Digital Tipping Point

More than 24,000 consumers and 1,000 businesses across 12 countries have spoken.  How do businesses get the balance right between digital and human customer service?

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Engagement Channels

Deliver Efficient, Consistent Customer Service Across Channels and Platforms

One of the keys of effective customer service is being able to interact with consumers across the channels and devices they prefer. That’s why we support a wide range of engagement channels from digital, social and mobile—with assisted, as well as self-service, capabilities.

As self-service continues to gain momentum, the knowledge and intelligence accumulated to empower employees needs to be shared with the self-service channels to truly empower customers.  That means ensuring a consistent experience with common knowledge and intelligence.  Most organizations have a collection of separate channel solutions accumulated over time so embedding common knowledge can help protect their existing investments as well.


For assisted service, we have a comprehensive suite of engagement channels solutions, including social media, email, chat, messaging, communities, voice self-service and Web self-service.  At the same time, Verint provides an open architecture that allows organizations to mix and match engagement channel solutions from many different vendors. Additionally, bots can be plugged in across channels as well and combined with Verint’s Knowledge Management solution to create shared intelligence across engagement channels.

Through our comprehensive partner alliances with leading voice communication vendors means, Verint offers an ACD-neutral environment to preserve existing voice infrastructure investments.  In fact, we have on-going investments in tight integrations with all leading telephony vendors.  Our neutrality allows our customers to purchase our best of breed solutions from the right combination of trusted partners for delivering optimal customer engagement



Verint Express Engagement Management - Ontdek Verint Express, onze klantenservice software voor middelgrote organisaties, die zowel via de cloud als on-premise kan worden geleverd. De software-oplossing biedt u altijd en overal toegang tot de functies die u nodig hebt om uw klanten via alle servicekanalen optimaal te kunnen bedienen. Verint Express is de bron voor kennismanagement, zoekfunctionaliteit, integratie en business process management, waardoor u een consistente klantbeleving realiseert.

Verint Government Engagement Management —This solution helps government and public sector organizations serve customers more effectively in digital self-service, digital-assisted service, and human-assisted service scenarios through integrated case management, business process management, knowledge management, real time analytics, and social media capabilities.

Verint Engagement Channels solutions include:

As you look to modernize your customer operations, we’re here to help, offering maximum flexibility for building a multi-channel customer engagement strategy to suit your needs. Our Engagement Channels solutions are available in the cloud, on-premises and in hybrid deployment models, enabling you to select the approach that best meets your business requirements.

On-Demand Webinar: The Digital Tipping Point: Verint and guest presenter Mary Wardley of IDC discuss key findings from the research on the digital tipping point in customer engagement.

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