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Verint solutions can help you know, empower, and connect with customers and employees. We take a holistic approach to customer engagement, supporting an enterprise-wide strategy.

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Verint Digital Transformation

Customer Engagement

Don’t Just Deliver Experiences. Engage. 

The availability of more and more communication channels and the rise of customer expectations introduce a wave of new opportunities and challenges for today’s organizations. Is yours prepared to deliver effortless, seamless, and personalized experiences across all channels? And are your employees empowered with the tools, support, and flexibility they need to deliver consistently great service?

Verint can help.  We offer a robust portfolio of Customer Engagement solutions that makes it easy to share intelligence real-time across your enterprise—and easy to deploy either as suites or combinations of applications for easy grouping and/or flexible arrangement. 

Our software and services are designed to help you effectively engage customers—and employees—while offering valuable insight for delivering better service, building stronger relationships and loyalty,  improving products, processes, and performance, and driving better, more efficient outcomes—while maximizing revenue, mitigating risk and fraud, and helping ensure compliance with regulations.

We offer a portfolio of best-of-breed solutions for Voice of the Customer, Workforce Optimization, Employee Engagement, Engagement Channels, and Security, Fraud and Compliance.  

Our solutions are built around a vision of holistic, enterprise-wide intelligence and designed to offer maximum flexibility. That’s why you can license them as a whole portfolio or by individual product, and deploy them in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model to support your business requirements.  You can start anywhere and take the fastest path to achieving a return on investment. And we’re here to help with deep domain expertise across the entire spectrum of customer engagement.

CRM Solutions & Customer Loyalty Solutions

Customer Engagement Optimization Software & Solutions

No matter which of our Customer Engagement solutions you choose or how you deploy them, they can empower your customers and employees with intelligence that can be shared across the enterprise. That means you can break down organizational silos, share information, and engage your customers and staff in a highly effective, consistent way.

Thousands of organizations around the world rely on Verint to help them enhance customer interactions, heighten loyalty, increase revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce risk in their contact centersbranch operations, and back-office operations, as well as in security, fraud and compliance, and customer experience and digital marketing functions. Find out how Verint Customer Engagement solutions can benefit your business.

At Verint, we know that part of optimizing customer engagement is finding the right technology deployment model that can meet the changing needs of your business. That’s why we offer multiple deployment models for maximum flexibility, including:

Private Cloud:  Private cloud deployments offer peace of mind for organizations dealing with security, control over enterprise and customer data, and issues connected to regulatory compliance. These deployments are designed and supported by Verint experts to help achieve your specific requirements.

Public Cloud:  Public cloud deployments deliver feature-rich solutions in multi-tenant environments that simplify deployment, increase time to value, and decrease complexity without compromising performance, reliability, and security.

On-Premises:  Our software is installed and runs on computers physically located on the premises of your organization.

Multiple Deployment Models of Verint Solutions

Discover how optimizing customer engagement can help you
build stronger relationships, increase loyalty, reduce costs,
mitigate risk, and maximize revenue.


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A Strategic Guide to Customer Engagement Optimization

A Strategic Guide to Customer Engagement Optimization

White Paper

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Customer Engagement Optimization

Creating an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy


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Engagement Management

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Verint Workforce Optimization

Verint Workforce Optimization

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