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Government Cyber Intelligence: Provide Actionable intelligence to security organizations to fight terror and crime.

Law enforcement, national security, and intelligence agencies are responsible for investigations related to crime, terrorist networks, drug trafficking and other illegal activities.  Such investigations involve highly complex methods and include the collection, integration, and analysis of information from multiple sources and a variety of communications networks. 

Network Intelligence

Verint’s Network Intelligence Suite generates insights and intelligence by rapidly uncovering critical information from network traffic.  The Network Intelligence suite can address a wide range of communication networks and can scale to capture and analyze massive volumes of communications traffic.

Web and Social Intelligence

Verint's Web and Social Intelligence solution helps transform large volumes of web and open source content into insights, identify suspicious behavioral patterns, and generate predictive intelligence.

Intelligence Fusion

Verint’s Intelligence Fusion Center provides organizations with a centralized data mining platform for creating insights, identifying potential threats, and generating predictive intelligence.  It enables a cross-source/cross-format single point of access to intelligence data sources to facilitate organization-wide investigation, management, and analysis. In addition to the fusion of data generated by Verint’s products, it provides capabilities to connect structured and unstructured data originating from customer-provided databases and other sources.

Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Cyber Security 

Verint’s Threat Protection System (TPS) for government, enterprise and critical infrastructure, integrates multiple advanced detection engines and provides unified workflows for investigation, behavioral analytics, and forensics. Verint’s TPS analyzes cyber-attack paths, enables remediation, and helps protect against future attempts. Its orchestration and automation capabilities reduce the need for labor-intensive manual processes, and shortens the time between detection and response.

Lawful Interception Compliance

Helps communications service providers comply with ETSI, CALEA, and other lawful interception regulations and standards.  Supports many different network types and provides a high degree of automation of the lawful interception compliance processes with complete audit trails and low administrative overhead, without disrupting service.

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